A graphic novel about poison ivy? Are you crazy? Yup.

With nearly 50 years of experience as a horticulturist, specializing in the removal of poison ivy, I’ve seen the fear this plant induces in people who live near it, and the pain and suffering of people who have come in contact with it.

Yet, for the number of encounters with poison ivy people have in North America alone, there is very little educational material available about this three-leaf menace.I have posted two very informative videos to YouTube. Click here to view the first, and click here to view the second. However, I have always wanted to make a comic book about my experiences and so, set forth to do so with a few creative friends.

I released my first graphic novel, The Partners 5: Hostile Heart Root over two years, free online. It was well received, and encouraged me to continue making stories about a group of heroes who save the world from poison ivy.

The first story was pretty far-out. We had a villain created from toxic pollutants, talking birds and an army of giant mantis. We worked spontaneously and at a feverish pace to deliver an exciting story in a timely manner.

The next two stories – a three-part mini-series, The Seasons of JJ Burkman, followed by our next grand adventure, The Sinister Green – still contain fantastical elements, though less of the fantastic than Hostile Heart Root. The new stories are a bit more grounded in reality.

As I did with first series, I funded the upcoming stories myself; but no one person can do everything alone. I will be adding a patreon page to this website and our Facebook page in the hope that people who have enjoyed the Partners 5’ first adventure and our new adventures, will support us and allow us to continue to offer these adventures free of charge.

Stay tuned to this blog for further P5 updates.


Umar Mycka

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