Umar Mycka

I’m Umar Mycka, a horticulturist with 36 years of experience under my belt. I specialize in the removal of poison ivy (Toxicodendron radicans).

I travel throughout North America educating people on Poison Ivy and I hold an annual conference on Poison Ivy that attracts participants from around the world. I remove poison ivy from anywhere it grows: backyards and movie sets, hedges, the expected and unexpected places that humans call home, work or play.

Most people know that poison ivy is a plant usually found on the woodland edge and that gives you a terrible skin rash on contact. That’s only part of the story. There are many clans of poison ivy;and  some individual plants are over 800 years old and can burn the skin off your body like acid. Poison ivy is evolving: terribly powerful industrial pollutants affecting the environment are transforming poison ivy and the ecosystem it shares with all living creatures.

Weekly educational posts about poison ivy and its global impact will be published on the Partners 5 blog. This will be a great resource for curious individuals and for teachers to use in their classrooms. Among the interesting facts that you will learn is that in one country poison ivy is a culinary delicacy.

When I started to think of the range of interesting ways that I could highlight for people in the evolving world of poison ivy, I was strongly cautioned by my friends in the creative arts not to bore my readers with tedious facts. So over the next few months we developed the Partners 5 web comic, available weekly on this site.

I welcome all correspondence. Please feel free to use the contact page to write to me personally.

Kindest regards,