Umar Mycka

The Partners 5 comic strip began in 2015, distributed free online; it was created by Umar Mycka, a Pennsylvania-based horticulturist who specializes in the removal of poison ivy.

The first 100 page storyline, Hostile Heartroot, which appeared weekly on thepartner5.com, Facebook, and now tapastic.com, told the tale of an elemental beast who rises from soil to terrorize and punish the residents of a fictional urban city for what all humans are doing to the environment; Heartroot himself is a byproduct of toxic pollutants like carbon dioxide. Unable to deal with this ecological menace on their own, the city mayor enlists the help of the Partners 5, an an elite unit of poison ivy horticulturists, who have backgrounds in the Navy Seals, research science, and communications to rid the city of this toxic tyrant. And like the most tenacious poison ivy vines, extracting Heartroot from the city limits was not an easy task, and came at great personal loss to the Partners 5 team.

Two new Partners 5 adventures are in development: a three-page mini-story featuring auxiliary member, J.J. Burkman, followed immediately by the launch of a new 60-page adventure, The Sinister Green.

Further information will be posted on the Partners 5 blog as it becomes available.