Let’s Outsmart Poison Ivy

by Charlotte Kidd, M. Ed.



Umar Mycka’s Tips for the Homeowner, Gardener, Property Owner, Parent

Poison ivy is a bully. Fear of this noxious vine can trap us in our homes. Dread of getting the poison ivy rash stops us from enjoying our yards and our gardens with family and friends, says Philadelphia horticulturist Umar Mycka. Anticipating our children’s itching misery and sleepless nights, we limit their outdoor play.

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Outsmart Poison Ivy!

by Charlotte Kidd, M. Ed.



Umar Mycka Talks to Gardeners
Most of us gardeners have gotten up close and personal with the poison tree – Eastern Climbing Poison Ivy. Too close! Toxicodendron radicans (literally poison tree) is familiar to us as stealthy, opportunistic poison ivy. Much of what we hear and know, though, isn’t accurate. Myths and wives’ tales persist.

Knowing the facts about poison ivy is simply smart for everyone – gardener, parent, child, property owner, outdoors lover. Umar Mycka, Philadelphia, PA-based horticulturist and veteran poison ivy removal specialist, wants to set the record straight.

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Umar Mycka Interviews Partner Joe

Umar Mycka is a respected horticulturist serving Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey. Umar recently sat down for an interview with Partner Joe, team leader of The Partners 5, to discuss Joe’s new web comic and, more importantly, how to solve the poison ivy challenge people face in their day-to-day lives.

Umar Mycka: Joe, congratulations on the launch of your new online adventure comic, The Partners 5.
Partner Joe:  Thanks, Umar. The response to the first episode of Hostile Heartroot really shows me that folks are interested in solving the poison ivy problem.
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Humble Beginnings

When I started to think of ways that I could interest people in the evolving world of poison ivy, I was strongly cautioned by my friends in the creative arts not to bore my readers with endless facts.  I fed a small creative team with the data, and they shaped the story that you are reading today. Yes, folks, an epic adventure featuring…you guessed it: Toxicodendron radicans — poison ivy!

Each heroic character that you will learn about in the coming months is based on one of my real-life poison ivy teammates. Even the title of this comic, The Partners 5, is based on a nickname given to us by one of my team, who always says, “Let’s move it out, pawd’ners.”